5 5/5
  • BestMost comfortable and natural lenses I've ever worn! Didn't regret buying this at all!

    By on 09/03/2019
  • These look really natural against my regular eye color! Because my eyes are normally really dark brown, the Spanish brown is a little less noticeable but in the light, you can definitely see it and it's so pretty. 10/10 recommend for daily use.

    By lin on 08/14/2020
  • Really natural but still adds a little spark to my very dark eyes; great for daily wear or dates, super comfortable!

    By miso on 08/04/2020
  • These contacts definitely give me a natural brown colour. I have very dark brown eyes, almost black, so it's hard to find contacts that show on my eyes. My camera quality isn't good so I'm not sure if you can see in the picture. Highly recommend! Now I'm going to try the Russian Gold contacts :D

    By j3lly on 05/27/2020
  • I really like these contacts. They show well on my dark brown (almost black) eyes and look very natural. I'd recommend :) sorry my camera quality isn't good.

    By j3lly on 05/27/2020
  • most natural lenses i’ve never buy, very beautiful ! i’m so happy of this purchase :) i will buy them for sure

    By Audrey on 02/20/2020