5 5/5
  • BestI've always heard about how awesome these looked and when I put it on I understood why everybody said so. I loved how subtle these contacts were but at the same time it still changed the eye color and enhanced the look. It looked very natural on.

    By on 03/15/2020
  • BestThey're comfortable and color is really nice. It's more of a subtle green instead of a bright green, which I actually prefer.

    By on 02/02/2020
  • BestMy iris diameter is small (12mm) so I like these because there is no halo when I wear them―so they look natural. I have dark brown eyes so the olive appears to "change color" depending on the lighting. In less lighting, they look more grey on my eyes. Still, I like them!

    By on 11/22/2018
  • These look so good and are just as comfy as the Scandi one month line. The olive really doesn’t stand too much out since it blends in well with my brown eyes. It’s a very beautiful subtle green and it’s so perfect for people who have smaller irises like me. The Spanish are the best fit ❤️

    By Erica S on 12/31/2020
  • This is olive and Is also pretty just have a look at yourself it’s not scary at all

    By Sa on 12/25/2020
  • Olive is the first time I’m trying but my friend told me is natural looking and told me not to be sacred about the green colour and I’m trying it for the first time I’m so excited

    By Jo on 12/24/2020
  • Out of my ridiculously large collection of lenses, I let my boyfriend pick these out to wear for this month, and he chose well! These are perfect to accentuate light brown or medium brown eyes.

    By Jenny on 12/12/2020
  • Would definitely purchase this again! If you’re bored of wearing brown lens, you can give this a shot!

    By ST on 11/27/2020