5 5/5
  • Very nice colour, love how it looks on me & how it complements my skin colour! Highly recommend trying this

    By Summer on 08/14/2020
  • Yet to try this out but my friends loves it so i’m pretty excited to try it out myself soon!

    By j on 08/04/2020
  • omg, sssssso natural! And comfortable!
    This is the first time to got this color, but it’s super natural! Btw, it’s much comfortable than I thought before.

    By Shirley on 08/03/2020
  • Spanish collections are the most comfortable ones. Look very natural on my eyes. A little dry but it's Ok.

    By rach on 07/21/2020
  • Gorgeous and subtle lenses. The Spanish Real lenses are sheer and don’t offer full coverage of the iris. The Real Olive lenses are actually close to my eye colors, and just add a subtle tint of green. Perfect for when I don’t want a big change! Definitely recommend!

    By Jenna on 06/27/2020