5 5/5
  • OLENS is my favorite eye contact brand. It is the most comfortable and natural-looking contacts I have ever used. Even more comfortable than my clear contacts. I get lots of compliments and always get asked if my eyes are like that naturally!

    By Chey on 08/31/2020
  • OLENS is my favorite brand of contacts! I'm doing this review for the giveaway event, but I truly love this brand. It is the most natural-looking colored contacts I've tried. It is even more comfortable than the regular clear contacts that I have tried. The color looks amazing over my dark brown (almost black) eyes and I always get compliments. People always ask me if my eyes are gray naturally!

    By Chey on 08/31/2020
  • Not the most comfortable lens of all the ones that I have tried. Probably because the diameter was larger than all the other lens that I have tried but you do get used to it after a couple of wears.

    By Anna on 12/31/2019
  • I'm in love with this grey lens. It sparkles. It shines. Very lovely and it matches my skin tone and eye makeup.

    By Tokidoki on 10/01/2019
  • It was a little big for me the first time i tried it on but I’m getting used to it and this is the first picture I’ve seen myself with the contact lens and I’m loving it now.

    By Gilda on 08/22/2019