5 5/5
  • LOVE these lenses! They're extremely natural on my dark brown eyes, but also gives it a really slight enlarging effect. The lenses are really comfy as well as I've worn them for about 8 hours with no discomfort.

    By Ashley on 11/17/2019
  • These are my favourite contacts, it's pretty much identical to my eye colour and it enlarges your eyes by a smidge. They're comfortable and I've never had a problem with them! I admit my eyes get dry a little after a long period of time but I just add eye drops and it's fine.

    By Nikki on 10/21/2019
  • Not very comfortable. The colour is also not very natural. It enlarges the eye a lot and makes it look very doll like unless that’s what you’re going for. Not a fan of it. Feels harder than vivi ring design lenses.

    By Sarah on 10/19/2019
  • My eyes lean towards black-brown so this blends in seamlessly with it. Previously I tried the Spanish circle and it didn't blend too well cos my eyes were too dark. I rly like how its not too enlarging so it looks natural and its comfortable!

    By peachievanilla on 10/03/2019
  • Quality of lenses is perfect! They’re very comfortable and the eyes really can't feel them. These lenses doesn’t move in the eye and you can see everything well. The color of these lenses is so pretty. Besides the eyes look natural with them.

    By Mina on 08/20/2019