5 5/5
  • BestVery subtle and natural. Love how cute it is in my eyes. Will repurchase. This is comfortable after wearing the whole day too.

    By on 11/21/2020
  • BestThe lens looks very natural against my dark brown eyes. It's very hydrating, you can wear it for more than 8hrs. It also gives a soft look, and enlarges your eyes.

    By on 04/25/2020
  • Vivi pink is so comfortable and pretty I have stay loyal and wear this for so long

    By Kel on 12/25/2020
  • It might look too point but when you wear it is actually really pretty I love it

    By Mai on 12/25/2020
  • Vivi pink my friend told me is super pretty as well and she the only one buying this but I will see how she look like then I will decide to try too hehe

    By Jo on 12/24/2020
  • This is very natural and fun to wear when going out~ just a little bit unnatural for me to wear to office

    By Li yi on 09/13/2020
  • It says pink but its so subtle which is really nice. Imo, it looks like a faded brown colour which blends in rlly nice with dark brown eyes.

    By Ethel on 08/14/2020