5 5/5
  • BestCompared to Scandi Gray, I believe that this one makes my eyes pop more. The light gray color covers up a larger area of my eye and is a lot lighter than Scandi Gray. There’s also a small brown inner ring that makes it blend well with my eyes.

    By on 01/20/2021
  • BestCompared to Scandi Gray, the Light Gray lenses actually lean more blue when worn. The gold inner ring is also more visible. The color and design feels similar to another design by OLens—Russian Silver—but here the design is only on the iris. The overall look is very chic and stylish.

    By on 01/06/2021
  • Bestthese are the BEST coloured contacts I've tried. not kidding. a person who came up with this pattern is a genius. they look like your natural eyes but they are noticeable on light brown eyes (unlike the scandi olive) and sooo pretty. I'm going to order more of this pattern. thank you olens

    By on 12/14/2020
  • BestColor - I really do think the line focused on the depth of the color which makes them really natural looking while still adding that "wow" factor.
    In comparison to the original Gray color, I can't decided which is my favorite. They both serve their purpose which light gray being more WOW and the OG gray being very natural looking.
    Design - I really do love the transitions of colors and boldness in this lens from the design.
    Size - Perfect size for every day use!

    By on 11/30/2020
  • I don’t think it would be easy to be noticed from a far. My complexion seems to brighten a bit when wearing this color. The light gray has more of a light blue color on the outer rim, but yellowish to brownish towards my pupils!

    By revivinglan on 01/19/2021
  • These contacts instantly reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. They add a bit of old times looks to your eyes, while also providing you that photo shoot wonder eyes.

    By lensofestelle on 01/11/2021
  • Scandi Light Gray is an upgrade of Spanish Gray, and is very similar to Russian Silver.
    Personally, I think the Scandi version looks more natural. The pattern of the Russian Silver lens is denser on the outside, while most of Scandi Light Gray's is centered in the middle.

    By laineonline on 01/07/2021
  • this is my favourite colour out of the scandi line! this makes my eyes pop. i like how there is no border because i dont really like the enlarging effect of lenses. these lenses are a more natural version compared to the olens symphony grey lenses.

    By c on 12/12/2020
  • Absolutely stunning! I love how the lens blend with my original eye color:)

    By Jovilyn Co on 10/09/2020