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    WINNERThese are my favorite everyday wear contacts! I have dark brown eyes and these make my eyes pop out naturally. The Spanish line is by far the most comfortable. I have tried the Spanish brown circle lense and they are much darker than these.

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    HotEven though it's not the most natural lenses I've tried, it looks really really pretty. It makes your eyes look lighter and cuter. As always I'm satisfied with the product and it's totally worth the money.

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    HotThey look really good, they make my eyes pop out. I received so many compliments when I were them, even tho my eyes are dark. It didn't look unnatural at all, plus they are cheap and beautiful.

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    WINNERYou can tell that you’re wearing lenses with these, the colour is a bright yellow with pink around the DIA.
    Recommend for those who want a strong colour on the eyes.
    Also they’re comfortable to wear all day.

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    HotThough these lenses are gray, they still have such a natural appearance on the eye. Since the colour isn't overly vivid or bright, they can be used daily without being too dramatic or overwhelming on the eyes.

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    WINNERVery pretty contacts! Looked like they could be unnatural but actually are very subtle, just making the ring around my eyes darker and slightly bigger. The contacts have these cool reflective white dots for a swirling galaxy effect. Purple makeup makes the purple stand out more though!

  • Spanish Circle is a more exotic version of Spanish Real Series, but it will still look natural on your eyes as in it wont look too much. It's a little bigger than Spanish Real but still comfortable to wear. Looking forward to try Spanish Circle Brown soon uwu

  • Looks a little bit too much on my eyes. But perhaps other color will look better on me. Will try the other colors in the future

  • Looks natural as olens claimed! Not a disappointment, your eyes will look sparkly and make you look innocent!

  • This color looks a bit gray w a hint of blue. I thought its gonna look too much but Spanish Real Series always look natural despite the exotic color that differs from Asian eyes. Will repurchase!