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    BESTBeautiful and very natural. The blue color is more subtle compared to russian velvet gray, it looks well with every look and make up style. They are also very comfy~

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    BESTShown: viviring beige. I love how the colour is noticeable but not super obvious under normal light. Under white light, it can look very light.

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    BESTIt’s absolutely the most neutral/natural green contact lenses I have ever purchased. The green is really subtle. And the iris rim is very pixelated. The graphic diameter is not huge so it makes it even more natural.

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    These lenses are super pretty and very comfortable, however they are basically my exact eye colour, down to the yellowish/brown central ring, so my wearing them is kind of pointless. :') I'm sure on someone with brown eyes or maybe even blue, these would create a beautiful effect, but on me there is next to no difference. In the pictures I m only wearing one lens in my right eye (left in the picture) and my other eye is natural, and you can hardly tell that I'm wearing a lens. ;^;

  • Repurchased many olens range for some time now and excited to get this when they had the special offer for this set. Highly recommend the Scandi and Vivi Ring range as they're comfortable to wear.

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    I was so surprised and overjoyed as they look so natural on my eyes!!!!! I can wear them all day without having dry eyes, even when napping. However, it started becoming a little dry one week later. I guess it might be due to the eye solution or probably because I wear it too often. Besides, I didn't blink that much comparing to other brands.

  • I made order 06.12.2021 and didn't receive my parcel. I paid 116 dollars for nothing. Customer service doesn't answer me, no money, no information! Very disappointed!

  • Thee are by far my favourite lenses. They look natural and are so comfortable. The fact that they come with a prescription makes it so much better.

  • Not bad but has a yellow tinge which makes it look a little unnatural

  • Such nice lenses! They look very natural. I've been struggling to find lenses that match ,my eye shape so these are just amazing.

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