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    WinnerI like the naturally soft mood of these! I have dark brown eyes and i would like to say about these as My Eyes But Better :) The size is also fit with my natural eyes.
    And I feel very comfortable with these. I don’t need to put eyedrops. I would like to buy other colors as well.

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    WinnerThis review is for the Scandi Olive.
    1st pic: facing away from lightbulb
    2nd pic: facing the lightbulb
    3rd pic: with flash

    Scandi Olive is just as comfortable as all the other lenses in the Scandi line, even as comfortable as 1-day lenses! The colour is not as obviously green as I'd like, more of a hazelly brown, but that's my own preference. It's still a pretty lens that would be perfect for people who like the natural look.

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    WinnerIt’s such a lovely package, it’s completely fit my eyes, and I feel comfortable to carry the lens for whole days

  • The blue looked sooo good! Contacts were really comfortable and it can really last quite long without getting dry.

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    I`m in love with this kit! All the colors suit me very well, I like them all.
    1st - Blossom 3con Gray, my personal pick. It`s the most beautiful gray lenses I`ve ever used, they are enlarging and natural at the same time.
    2nd - Blossom 3con Pink. They seem kinda brownish on my green eyes, but still amazing. I like how warm brown-pink color match my cool skintone.
    3rd - Blingsome Coral Stone. Natural gray color with a hint of hazel. Matches my eye color well.
    Very comfortable to wear!

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    These lenses are black and help with giving definition to the eyes.
    But i can't wear them because they sting my eyes and make them tear up.

  • super nice colour, very natural looking!! will recommend to those who want a natural look!

  • First time using this one from olens and it is way better than I expected!

  • My favourite lens from Olens!!! So comfortable and beautiful to wear it daily and for some changes for special occasions! Definitely recommend this onee

  • My second best lens line from olens! Its so beautiful to wear and I love its graphic sm!!

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