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  • Natural Every Moment _1 Day

    Summer’s sun-kissed dark gold color mixes natural brown and detail graphics with premium material Puscon. Meet upgrade version of No.1 daily natural brown color contacts Natural Day 20P & 10P.

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  • ViVi Ring bobbidi boo_1 Month

    Spell again “ViViRing bobbidi boo!” to create extreme romantic fairy eye look. 2019 new OLENS circle line contacts “ViVi Ring” upgrade to next level with calm choco and creamy pink colors.

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  • Your eyes determine your attitude_1Day

    The best daily disposable contact lens Secriss 3con Natural collection is back to us with new color green. Its delicate yet mystic color with a high 3D pigmentation graphic pattern will give a simple but modern eyelook. Switch on greenery summer feels !

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  • Wannabe Natural All Day Hanabe_1 Month

    Anyone who looking for daily circle line contacts, please write down “Hanabe” in your shopping list, Choco and black colors will make your eyes brighter but more natural your own. Natural luxury will become another name of your eyes.

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  • Doubling Your Lovely with
    Apple Ring_1 Month

    Doubling your loveliness with deep dark circle line, and perfect pattern. Soft green and brown colors will complete your extreme lovely look.

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    Keep your circle line vibrant everyday with "Spanish Circle 1-Day". Iris is still super natural but precious and circle line is flawless like always. Just added extra comforts and freshness. Experience new comforts of "Spanish Circle 1-Day".

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