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  • ViVi Ring bobbidi boo_1Day | 1Month

    Spell 1day version of “ViVi Ring bobbidi boo!” to create extreme comfort and romantic fairy eye styling. Your wish is come true! Special 1 day ViVi Ring Brown will complete your beautiful Fall eye styling.

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  • Cannot Be This Real_ 1 Month

    Stay tuned with Island’s another level of extra dimension that gives you extreme realistic Iris. 30 million dots graphic design will make you look shimmery and glowy all day. It’s time to go to next step of stylish with Island

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  • Take what you want_1 Day

    Take what you want for your perfect eye essentials with Secriss 3con coral collection. It's one of the best daily contact lens that has high 3D pigmentation with a sophisticated color. Set your stylish with Secriss 3con Coral !

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  • Origin Version of Exotic Vibe_1 Month | 1 Day

    Have you ever heard about Legend of exotic contacts? Before Spanish series, there was Russian Collection. It was a beginning of the exotic contacts. Now, Russian Collection is upgraded with Sexy and stylish shades!

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  • Flawless Circle Line _ 1 Month | 1Day

    Keep your circle line vibrant everyday with "Spanish Circle ". Iris is still super natural but precious and circle line is flawless like always. Experience new natural look with "Spanish Circle".

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  • Blood For Halloween Glam _1 Month

    Are you ready for day of dead, Halloween? Vampire, the limited collection made for Halloween is newly back to us with Silver. Fancy graphic design pattern and intensive color of Silver and Red are just right for any Halloween costume.

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